Hello, my name is Dalenna Barreiro, I am the founder of Alison James Co. and I currently live in California, with my husband and five children; one girl and four boys! I have been designing clothes since I was a little girl with the dream of one day opening up my own store. Growing up we didn't have much so making the most out of what clothes I had, was a must. Through that I learned to style and turn one look into several looks. I remember day dreaming that I would be able to walk into my very own store with my family one day. As I grew up, the dreams grew bigger and I no longer just wanted to design clothes, but I dreamt of creating a lifestyle brand. I started my online shop in 2021 and I can’t wait to open a physical store front soon!

At times we set up pop up locations, at local markets thought out California. Check the website or our social media pages for updated locations and times of our next pop-up location. We look forward to meeting everyone when we set up at local markets, so stop by and say hi.

Everything around you can inspire you, especially your clothes and some overly strong coffee. Come along on this experience with me! As I journey through this! My ambition is not only to inspire women to feel confident in what they are wearing, but also to inspire women to have the confidence to achieve their dreams and encourage entrepreneurship.